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    The story of Gin Creek Kitchen is a rather unlikely one.
    Hi, my name is Annie and I am the owner of Gin Creek Kitchen and Maebells. In 2012 I finished college and realized I had no idea what I actually wanted to do for the rest of my life. Like most twenty somethings I figured something would come along so I didn't worry. I took a perfectly fine office job and realized a very big part of my soul was unsatisfied. I felt all of my creative energy was pent up and I wasn't using any of my real talents. 
    In January of 2014 I launched Maebells, a gluten free recipe website and for the first time I felt I knew just what I was made to do. I love the peace I feel in the kitchen. I am in my element when I am experimenting and creating recipes. Because Maebells allowed me to explore my creative side and dip my toes into entrepreneurial waters I decided I wasn't stopping there. 
    In 2015 I opened Gin Creek Kitchen in order to share my love of soulful Southern inspired kitchen and home decor. This store is full of charming items for your home that will help tell your story. Weather it be a darling sugar pot that adorns your table or a cow photo to add a touch of farmhouse charm we have everything you need to make your home extraordinary.